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English to Kazakh Translators in Manchester

Professional English to Kazakh translators in Manchester providing standard and official translations into Kazakh

English to Kazakh Translators in Manchester

This page provides information about translators from English to Kazakh. For a list of all translation languages offered, please see: translation languages.

Manchester Translation Services has a team of fully qualified English to Kazakh translators ready to assist you with your next project.

In addition to in-house translators, Manchester Translation Services have at their disposal a large database of trusted translators worldwide. This enables us to offer a wide range of language combinations. All English to Kazakh translators hold the relevant university qualifications and always translate into their mother tongue of Kazakh.

The full range of English to Kazakh linguists that work for Manchester Translation Services includes translators, interpreters, proofreaders, editors, copywriters and website localisation experts. Details of the services offered by these linguists are outlined below:

English to Kazakh Certified Translations

Certified translations often involve the use of a qualified translator that has been registered with associations and/or the government of a particular country (representative of the language they are translating into). English to Kazakh certified translation is generally slightly more expensive than standard translation, but this depends largely on the volume and type of document being translated. In order to provide a quotation for certified translation, please scan your document (both sides) and ensure that all text (and stamps or markings) are legible and email them through to us.

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English to Kazakh Medical Translations

The translation of medical documents from English to Kazakh constitutes a significant part of Manchester Translator's core business. To ensure accuracy and precision, we always use specialised translators (holding a medical degree as well as their translation degree) to carry out English to Kazakh medical translations. If you have medical reports, letters or notes that require translation from English to Kazakh, Manchester Translator can take care of this for you.

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English to Kazakh Legalised Translations

There are two types of legalised translations. Those that are normal translations using legalised language, such as property purchase contracts to be translated from English to Kazakh, rental agreements, etc... that are not to be used in court, generally for informative purposes only. These are classed as specialised or technical translations due to the specific type of content. If the texts need to be presented to a court, government, or any official body, then the legalised translation required would likely be a sworn (or certified) translation and the translation from English to Kazakh must be performed by a registered, official translator.

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English to Kazakh Website Translations

Website translation (otherwise known as 'Website Localisation' involves taking an existing or new website and translating all content from English to Kazakh and possibly additional languages as well. To perform a complete website localisation project, many different individuals need to work together as a team to deliver a finished product. Our own in-house I.T. department liaises with the translators from each language to ensure proper web-based typesetting and image edits per language.

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Sworn English to Kazakh Translations

Sworn translation is the most formal type of translation which is often required for legal proceedings, immigration purposes and other official matters. For sworn English to Kazakh translation services in Manchester, or in the United Kingdom, please email through your documents (preferably in text format, such as Microsoft Word) to our team and we will revert with a quotation immediately.

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Specialised English to Kazakh Translations

Specialised translations are performed by translators with a specific area of expertise relating to an industry or subject matter. A few examples of specialised translations from English to Kazakh are as follows:

  • the translation of a book written in English about environmental protection
  • user manuals written in English of printers or other technological devices translated into Kazakh
  • medical-related instructions from English into Kazakh
  • the translation of a biology-related thesis in English translated into Kazakh for a university student
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English to Kazakh Technical Translations

Technical translations are identical to specialised translations and are also performed by qualified English to Kazakh translators with a specific area of expertise relating to an industry or subject matter. Technical translations from English to Kazakh are one of Manchester Translation's specialties.

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English to Kazakh Standard Translations

Standard translation from English to Kazakh is performed by university-level educated translators with Kazakh as their mother tongue (native language).

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At any time a free, no-comittment quotation can be provided for your English to Kazakh translation project:

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Note that Manchester Translation Services also offers all the above-mentioned services from Kazakh to English.