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Legal translation services by Manchester Translation Services, a division of Translator UK

Legal Translation Services

This is the translation of documents of legal nature such as contracts, court rulings, title deeds, articles of association, certificates, and many more. A legal translation is synonymous with a legalised translation.

Providing a legal translation involves several processes which are entirely dependent on the country that the document will be used in. As an example, if you require a document to be legally translated for use within Manchester and the United Kingdom, a Certified translation is sufficient. However, in many other countries, a "sworn translation" is required in order for the translation to be considered "legal". This involves an official translator affixing a stamp and standing by (legally) the work, and often having an Apostille affixed to the document (in the United Kingdom, this is provided by the Foreign Commonwealth Office). Obviously this is of the highest standard.

In many instance for these types of legal translations, the legal translator must have the original document in hand. Manchester Translation Services can arrange this via secure courier services such as DHL.

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